Choosing the right career path out of the many options available is one of the key decisions to be made whether it is after high school or college. The pace at which new careers are evolving makes the choice even more difficult. This is where The College Cruise’s study abroad counselling in Dehradun comes in! With our counselling aid, students can gain a complete understanding of what they need to do and how they need to accomplish it to make a career in a foreign country.

Students from class 9 through 12 can avail study abroad counselling in Dehradun on the following:

Correct choice of subjects and major suited to a student

New age careers

Resume creation

Studying in Abroad/India

Summer Schools/MUNs/Internships

Constructive GAP year programme

Voluntary / Community experience

Online Course Certifications

Merit/Athletic Scholarships

Careers assessment-basis student’s profile (personality and aptitude mapping)

Career options for each subject stream